Aeren is home to many races of creatures. The more common ones are split into 3 major groups. Man-Kind, the Mer, and the Orkin.

Man-kind and its subspecies account for over 70% of sentient life on Aeren with 58% of that being made up of Humans, 28% made up of Dwarves and the last 10% being made up of Giants and the remaining 4% being made up of hybrids of different subclasses that are not distinct or populous enough to be their own subspecies.

The Mer
Said to be born from Aeren’s own magic and as a result Mer are naturally more in-tune with nature and magical abilities. The Mer are the most magically attuned races in all of Aeren.
The Mer consist of the graceful Elves, the mischievous Fae and the mysterious Dryads The 3 Species of Mer are all said to originate from a proto-mer species, the one that Aeren created from magic before diverging into the three sub-species we see today.

The Orkin
Rumoured to be somewhat linked to the Mer, this race could not be farther from them. They are much less attuned to magic and nature.
The Orkin consist of the Orcs, where this race gets its name, and the Goblins


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