Hell Hounds

Hell Hounds are a whole class of monstrous These mythical creatures are canine apparitions and are described as being huge dogs, roughly the size of a calf (though there have been sightings which have placed them as large as horses); covered in a thick coat of shaggy black hair. Their coat is blacker than black, this doesn’t gleam in the moonlight like a coat of a living dog. and with glowing red eyes.

Despite their name, these creatures are not necessarily black, as there have been reports of them being white, spotted, yellow and even brown. Sometimes, though very rarely, there are reports of Cerberean Hell Hounds – meaning they have two or three heads. The Hell Hound’s canine teeth are often described as being longer than average, and, to many people, seem to be grinning at some hidden knowledge, rather like a canine Cheshire Cat. Because of this trait, they are often associated with Brigedda the goddess of madness and secrets. Hell Hounds may be benevolent; they may be malicious; or they may be neither. Their claws spring precariously from huge paws that make no sound as the monster lopes along in the night which is good. The paws also leave no prints, even in the softest soil. Hell Hounds are known to show amazing acts of strength and agility.

These apparitions appear at places that serve as transition archetypes – places such as lonely county rounds, ancient highways, bridges, crossroads, and shallowed entrances. Hell Hounds are said to guard treasure or sacred places. More often than not, if you leave a Hell Hound alone, it will not bother you but if you attempt to harm one, the consequences are dire. Hell Hounds can inflict frightful wounds that may prove fatal. Indeed, in much folklore that describes these creatures, to see one is portent of death, though there have been purported instances of Hell Hounds guiding lost travelers to safety.

Hell Hounds are also associated with fire – specifically, the flames surrounding the hound and the presence of scorched earth and/or claw marks burned into wood or metal left in the beast’s wake.

Hell Hounds

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