One religion is practices by almost all races on Aeren, predominantly by Humans, Dwarves and Elves

Type: polytheism (very matriarchal)
Direction: outwards
Focus: fellowship with others

Ruling Deities: The Goddess of Creation(Luc) Beatha and the Goddess of Destruction (Str) Thovta
Important Deities: the Goddess of Beauty (Cha) Ailynn, the God of Time (Dex) Ùine, the God of Justice (Wis) Ceartas, the Goddess of Madness and Secrets (Int) Brigedda, the God of Prosperity (Con) Seyvire
Titles: The Life-Bringer, The Redeemer, The Beautiful One

Divine Interaction: only in certain situations (war, healing, etc)

Involves: many saints/demi-gods
Afterlife: is different for all individuals and can be reached by the living, with effort
Supernatural: benevolent nature spirits, witchcraft (folk magic)

Worship: joyous individual prayer at shrines & solemn group prayer in public temples
Holidays: very many
Holidays Celebrate: historical events, full moons, the solstices, the equinoxes, prophets, major deities, heroes
Major Holiday(s): involve great feasts

Clergy: both genders
Function: arbiters of holiness, historians, spiritual advisors, spiritual guides maintain temples/shrines, judges
Lifestyle: above average
Family: somewhat small
Chosen: appointed by secular leader(s)
Distinguished By: a special dietary code

Cultural Aspects
How the religion impacts society

Symbol: involves interlocking shapes and a knot of some sort

Holy Colors:
Gold to represent the un-corruptable
White to represent pureness

Passed Down: via a few holy books with little commentary
Creation Myth Type: world-parent
Mortals’ Origin: children of the divine
Major Myth/Symbol(s): the fall

Deadly Sins: avarice, dishonesty and neglect
High Virtues: kindness, tolerance and charity

Associated Artform: tile murals & sculpture

Coming of Age: 20 years old (females only)
Coming of Age Rite: happens at once for a group of similarly-aged

Marriage: occasionally occurs between relatives
Marriage Rites: involve much gift-giving

Death Rites: include sending some of the deceased’s possessions with them

Major Taboo: poor hygiene

Prevalence: believed by most
Outsiders: are thought to be following an equal path


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